Dustin Tyler Allison

Why CrossFit?

I believe CrossFit is the single most challenging yet rewarding fitness methodology that exists. I speak for thousands of CrossFit Athletes when I say that CrossFit has changed my life positively, beyond the physical and mental state. Within my first week of CrossFit I found myself humbled. I started seeing beauty in strength. Most importantly, I began to understand and feel a strong bond within our community. CrossFit became a culture, a lifestyle for me. And there is a powerful self confidence that I possess now, that all CrossFit Athletes discover along their journey, that is indescribable!

And one thing I will say here, that I tell every new athlete is that the WOD’s never get easier, you just become stronger as an all around athlete in the sport of fitness!

Why CrossFit Ballwin?

1. Our Owner and Head Coach Trent Campbell, that showed an amazing sense of passion for CrossFit, a level of knowledge that made me feel comfortable and safe, and the ability to help me visualize the numerous benefits of CrossFit training.

2. The welcoming sense of Community, the Coaches, and the members. All shapes and sizes, young and old, helping one another better their lives daily!

My 1st CrossFit Experience?
1 on 1 fundamentals class with Trent, I had never done a barbell movement in my life. Helped me understand the foundational CrossFit movements with proper form/technique…then threw me into a Bear Complex AMRAP WOD, and there I was humbled within the first 60 seconds of the workout. But left me with a strong desire to take part in this amazing journey we call CrossFit!
What Drives Me?
After my Mom passed away, my life got flipped upside down. I realized the hard way that tomorrow is never guaranteed. This drives me. I will use every day to better myself in any way possible i.e. as a Coach, Athlete, Friend, Brother, Son, Uncle, Leader, etc.
My Biggest Achievement?

Leaving my past career behind. I was a young man making a near Six-Figure income, up for promotion and pay raise, and decided to walk away from it all. I took a risk that many wouldn’t do. I made the decision to follow my dreams. I immediately signed up for the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar and was awarded my Training Certificate June 2016. I then up and left St. Louis and took my life to Hawaii, which led me to my new career at Lululemon Athletica and a CF-L1 Trainer at the gym where it all began, CrossFit Ballwin!

Favorite CrossFit Exercise?


Anything Else?

‘Conquer yourself.’

Coach Alex Luebbers


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